All your joy, success, courage, confidence and love is on the other side of calm.

Your strength is within you.  Connect with it


...so that you can live a lighter life.


Make decisions and take actions from a place of groundedness.  Respond to life rather than react.


   Know what you really want, so that you can create it.  You can't have what you don't know.


 Your inner wisdom is waiting for you to tune in and trust.  All it needs is a little quiet to speak.

You are ready for life to move with more ease and flow.

You’ve tried meditation


But your mind seems more like a ping pong ball factory than a place of calm.

You've got a collection of essential oils


But you use them for therapeutic reasons and know they can support you on a deeper emotional level but you're not sure how .

You're doing your best to prioritise yourself


But you so easily slip from the list as everyone else's need seem to come first.  You find developing the habits that sustain you hard to keep up.

Here’s the thing...


Life isn't a dress rehearsal.

We only come this way once, so let's live it on our terms. When we create calm, connect deeply into our own wisdom and get clear on what we want then life becomes less about pushing and straining and more about ease and flow.

It becomes lighter.

You're ready to create change at your pace and with sustainable practices.  

  • What if you could have access to meditations that are created with you and your needs in mind?

  • What if you could use affirmations to help create a new positive and courageous inner voice?

  • What if you could be part of a group of passionate women who are real and get that life is not about what happens to them, but how they respond?

The Calmness and Light is a Membership is for passionate women who are ready to create lives with more ease and flow.

They know the value of taking small yet sustainable steps in their stillness practice so to develop their toolkit of resilience and adaptability.


Does this sound like the right place for you?


If you are nodding then AWESOME!

You are invited to join Calmness and Light as member.

As one member said,

"Calmness and Light is a lot cheaper than therapy!"





For the cost of just one coffee and cake a month you can join us without the calories!


Calmness and Light Membership


Connect you to what it is you really want and why it makes your heart sing.

Get curious about your oils and your stillness practice, begin to play and explore.

Develop a practice that suits you and is sustainable and nurturing.

Relax into your new habits, noticing and enjoying the effects of the ease you have in settling quickly into your calmness.

If you’re like us, you’ve scanned down the page wondering what you get for your dosh.
Well let's get to it.


Each month within Calmness and Light you receive access to:

  • A themed Calmness and Light bundle.  This includes a guided meditation, affirmation track and essential oil guidance based around a theme such as : Rest and Be, Confident and Sure, Assertive and Clear, Peaceful and Calm.
  • A guest expert interview. These 30-45 min interviews are viewed at your leisure.  The guest is chosen as their wisdom supports creating more calmness and light in your days.
  • Chill Out with Loretta and Jacinta.  This live chat is streamed directly into our community FB group and is where we unpack the monthly theme, explore the related oils more deeply.  We love to riff in this session.
  • Calmness and Light circle. We gather live on zoom once a month to connect as community.  You are not alone in this, we've got your back.



Who Calmness and Light is for:

  • Those who are ready for more goodness

  • Women who understand that is their actions which bring about change in their life

  • Those who have a damn good sense of humour and fun

  • Women who are seeking to move forward but for some reason it all feels too heavy and hard

  • Who are willing to give themselves a red hot go, because they know they are worth it.

Who Calmness and Light is NOT for:

  • Those looking for a quick fix

  • Who believe nothing can change so why bother

  • Aren't ready to lean in and trust themselves


What our members say:

Calmness and Light does what it says on the label - offers moments of calm and casts light onto your life. 


The invitation is there every day to drop into conscious use of your oils, participate in affirmations (I like to listen and repeat in the car) or even take time to meditate.  A great feature of the site is being able to access past bundles to support your mood or need as required. 


The guest speakers are an awesome way to tap into new ideas and resources. You may find yourself barefoot in the garden, lying on the floor with your legs up the wall or  changing your thinking about pain... even if it doesn't become a new life habit the opportunity to expand your mind and awareness has been refreshing.


Thanks Loretta and Jacinta for the time, thought and energy you put into this wonderful group. It has been a godsend during this time of change and uncertainty and a blessing to have at my fingertips a way to care for myself. 


I hope more people take up this invitation to drop into calmness and light.






I love being part of the Calmness & Light community - it has become a wonderful source of peace and inspiration for me.


I particularly enjoy the guest interviews and the monthly circles where Loretta and Jacinta help us get hands on and try various practices. I'm always learning and discovering 'golden nuggets' to take into my life.


Also the beautiful meditations are the perfect length and with lots of variety, it makes it easy to take time out in my day for some self love and care.



Hi I’m Loretta,


I love to speak to, inspire and mentor women who are struggling to find their ‘happy’.

I believe in and have the ability to reach out to, and hold space for women no matter if its in their business, life or wellness.

I support them in a way that enables them to take action in their lives to bring about long lasting and fulfilling and often surprisingly amazing changes.


I am the mother of four children, sons aged 21 &19 and a daughter aged 14, and a son Flynn who sadly died during childbirth. Flynn would have been 17 this year.


This and other life experience means I get that often shit shows up in life. I've lived it. I've  grieved through it, after initially squaring my shoulders and continuing on, and has come out the other side.

I discovered that pushing through doesn’t cut it. ‘Unhappy’ is the only way to describe where I found myself.


My mission is to empower women to create lives they love, and to LIVE every single day.


I know that happiness is an ‘inside job’ that CAN be accessed every day.


I'm passionate about helping women build their tool kit and use it regularly.  I'm a Gold leader with doTERRA and use these pure essential oils as one tool to help bring about change.

My multiple areas of skill work together in beautiful synchronicity to ensure that my clients are guided, mentored, inspired and most of all loved for who they are.


Frequently asked question

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