Let's get you moving.


Accountability, productivity and clarity is coming your way over the next four weeks.


Know it

 You know your stuff and we'll use a simple framework so it stays clear


Map it

 We create an aligned plan making your next step obvious


Do it

 There is no hustle, but there is action that we track


Grow it

 Test and measure so that we can use data over drama to make decisions

What keeps you moving is knowing your next step, mapping out how to execute it and then getting it done.

Sounds simple but it's not always easy on your own.

Get prepared


Complete a quick

"Where am I right now and where do I want to be" form which determines the objectives for our 4 weeks.

Keep track


Using Trello we can both keep up to date in between sessions, you ticking of tasks, me providing feedback when required.

Be ready to be poked and prodded


With love of course, I'll challenge, stretch and maybe suggest other ways of looking at things.


What other's say:

It is often like Loretta is INSIDE my brain! She has this incredible skill at digging around and pulling out all the super important pieces of information, laying them in front of you and helping you see what is actually possible.

Jacinta Ojwang

Loretta is just a breath of fresh air - sunshine in the human form.

I've worked with Loretta on a number of projects, helping me to clarify my messaging for my ideal clients.

We've worked together on sales pages, broader concepts that have turned into big projects, and has absolutely helped me with my clarity and action.

Able to tell me when I've got a good idea, and not afraid to call bullshit when she sees me going off track. This is invaluable to have.

Loretta is able to help me see things in a different way; a viewpoint very different from my own.

It's not an understatement that I'd be lost without her.

Phil Gutteridge

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