A rising tide

lifts all boats.

Be heard and grow your audience


...so that when you open your doors your ideal clients are waiting to buy.

Rise Up and Grow your audience by sharing your message with people already wanting to buy.

Rise Up and Connect to speakers who 'get it', are masterclass ready and want to serve your people.

Rise Up and Be Seen, Heard and Understood by other passionate female founders and community.

You’ve got a membership you are proud of and now you are looking for an aligned way to fill it up.

You’ve created a lead magnet


But every FB group you join have a no pitching policy and on the market days its so hard to stand out

You post regularly on social media


But you seem to have the same few likers who already love and buy from you.

You're in a ton of FB groups giving value


But it takes so long to get traction and building relationships via DM’s takes a lot of your time, then they get lost in your messenger feed.

Here’s the thing...


you want to grow your audience so that when you have your next launch you have new warm leads who are ready to buy - without you spending a whole lot of time, energy and money in ways that don’t align with who you are.

You're ready to put away the scattergun approach, as it has you questioning everything, but mainly if you are cut out for this.

  • What if you could market like the big names in your industry who seem to pop into each other’s programs and memberships making the most of an engaged community?

  • What if people could hear you speak and jump into your email list feeling like they know you?

  • What if you could be part of a group of passionate female founders who are actively looking for quality and aligned speakers to share their gifts and talents with their established communities?

The Rising Tide Membership is for passionate women who have a message to share with the world and choose to do it via online courses and memberships.

They know the value of working together to help each other rise and are ready to connect quickly and deeply with a new audience while helping their rising tide sister deliver great content for her community.


Does this sound like the right place for you?


If you are nodding then AWESOME!


Rising Tide Membership


Develop real relationships fast with the other passionate big hearted female founders

Design your aligned masterclass

Deliver your masterclass to the engaged community of a passionate Rising Tider

Delight your new email subscribers, building relationships until your doors open and your offer is released

If you’re like us, you’ve scanned down the page wondering what you get for your dosh. We’d love to have it all crystal clear with i’s dotted and t’s crossed but as this is a founding member opportunity, we’ll be creating it alongside you.

What we do know is we’ll have:

  • Private Fb group for Rising Tiders to meet, connect and develop relationships

  • Masterclasses 

  • Live meetups 

  • Tech support

  • Step by step guides to help you, create your masterclass, deliver it with ease, offer your relationship building opportunity (freebie) and nurture your email list.  All the components we know you need for success.

This membership is for those who:

  • Value working with people who get you

  • Desire to see everyone win

  • Understand that givers gain

This membership is not for those who:

  • Are looking for an easy fix

  • Don’t like people

  • Buy things and then never show up or implement

We are creating this membership because we know what it’s like to have something to say and feel like no-one is listening.

Hi I’m Loretta,


I’m a big believer in that humans are just like Lego, we are made to connect. 


I’m the friend you have that is forever saying, “Oh, you know who you should meet?”  I love to bring people together because I know that on your own you are amazing but with another you can create the impact you are really desiring.


I’m from a big family, the youngest of 7 and to be heard you needed to have a story that got to the point quickly.  And being an ex teacher I love building on what someone already knows and helping them master the next piece.  My joy has always been helping people find their happy and in this membership I get to bring all these pieces together.


My wish for you is to thrive, because in that space your happy is effortless to access, I want to help you grow your audience by making great connections and refine your skills in “the back end”.  And let’s not forget your community, let’s rise them up to by you having awesome people you can share with them.

A rising tide lifts all boats &
together we will...

Rise Up and Grow our audience by sharing our message with people already wanting to buy.

Rise Up and Connect to speakers who 'get it', are masterclass ready and want to serve our people.

Rise Up and Feel Seen, Heard and Understood by other passionate female founders & community.

We would love for you to RISE with us

© 2021 Rising Tide