Let's get you moving.


You don't need to work this out on your own.

Let's spend an hour on your biggest challenge or road block right now.


Create the space to get it out of your head


Get another set of eyes on your challenge.

Leave the session with a plan of your next steps.

What keeps you moving is knowing your next step, mapping out how to execute it and then getting it done.

Sounds simple but it's not always easy on your own.

Let's jump on zoom


Feel free to screen share, record or all of the above as we brainstorm and flesh out your sticking point.

Come with a specific goal or question


Before the call get clear on where you are and where you'd love to get to.

Be ready to be poked and prodded


With love of course, I'll challenge, stretch and maybe suggest other ways of looking at things.


What other's say:

It is often like Loretta is INSIDE my brain! She has this incredible skill at digging around and pulling out all the super important pieces of information, laying them in front of you and helping you see what is actually possible.

Jacinta Ojwang

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